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Seed Factory operates on the basis of a simple yet effective concept: the synergies and complementarities that emerge from the companies that are based there. Each of the entities on-site has been chosen for:

  • its willingness to devote its efforts to a specific niche
  • wide-spread awareness of its know-how.
  • its ability to implement cutting edge techniques.
  • the synergies and complementaries that it provides in conjunction with the site’s other scopes of activities.

Seed Factory’s facilities cover over 2000 m2, including a 400 m2 forum that can accommodate up to 100 people for press conferences and business-to-business events. Seed Factory provides a friendly, welcoming space dedicated to the communications-related fields.

We provide a structure custom-designed to meet the needs of companies actively working in communications. We offer you private or shared (co-working) “loft”-style spaces. Our offices are fully equipped: furniture, Internet, Wi-Fi, telephones, FaxToMail, scanner, copier and networked printer, all at your disposal. Together we select your working space based on your current needs or requirements. The notice period rarely extends beyond three months. The working relationship is based on simplicity and transparency, with no complicated contracts — only an invoice for the space and an invoice for services. Our “all-in” packages (excluding electricity, gas, water and taxes) enable you to maintain control over your expenses and your budget.

The professional environment provided goes well beyond that of a basic workplace. Meeting rooms, informal meeting areas on two floors, a cafeteria and an exhibition and reception area. We transform your workplace into a high-performance professional space.

Ideally situated in Brussels near l’Arsenal and the restaurant Le Mess, as well as the “campus de la plaine” (VUB-ULB). Also located in the vicinity are a large number of snack bars, bistros, a hypermarket (Colruyt), public transportation with 2 Metro stations, a major, ultra modern sports facility with a pool 300 m from the office.

Everything that contributes to the quality of life outside of work, you will find in the immediate vicinity of your future office. A working environment specifically tailored to agencies in the fields of communication strategy, brands, web services, mobile services, social media, as well as creative offices, POS agencies, public relations firms, tablet ergonomics start-ups, etc.

Seed Factory is much more than just a place to host your communications activities. Seed Factory offers you access to the expertise and know-how of its 30 partners. Find answers to all your operational and strategic questions! Take advantage of our personalised support to transform your business ideas into long-lasting commercial success via your on-site “sponsors”. Here are a few strategic services provided: business model analysis – market analysis – financial plan analysis – marketing / communication strategy assessment – concrete public relations assistance – concrete marketing assistance – concrete sales assistance.

Daily assistance is part of your service offering: we distribute mail, greet your suppliers, answer your telephone calls in your absence, mail out your urgent deliveries, accept your registered mail in your absence and install your customers and prospects in our 6 meeting rooms. Do you need additional administrative or logistical assistance? Our trilingual secretary is at your disposal for small jobs. Our services include :

Company domiciliation or official registered address
Private office rent
Co-working office rent
Insurances: office insurance, theft, fire, water damages
Dedicated and personal telephone number
Telephone Answering Service – Personal staff who take messages on behalf of your company
Multilingual team at your disposal
Aastra telephones: call forwarding , voicemail, displays, call conference, FaxToMail…
High-speed internet access + VPN + routers + firewall and Internet Secured Wireless Access points
Up-market office furniture Speed rack and design building decorations
Print/Scan/Copy Network DIGITEC colour machines
Use of common areas (kitchen, waiting area, meeting rooms)
Daily cleaning of your office and common parts
Heating, electricity, water & estate taxes not included
Security system: alarm & Securilink monitoring
Maintenance of the whole dedicated infrastructure
Snack, sweet drinks and water
6 meeting rooms (free use)
2 business speed dating events a year
2 communication-design expos a year
Access to the building 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.More than ever, networking is proving to be a key element to success in the business world. We will put you in contact with the people (customers, sponsors, investors) who, going forward, will play a fundamental role in the development of your company. Three to four times a year, we organise show openings, expos, business “speed dating” events in order to increase your business potential and together build new concepts and territories.
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High-speed Internet

Free roast coffee

Daily maintenance

Building access 24/7

Professional quality printers

Reception service

Craft beers on tap

Professional events and informal meetings

Unique common spaces

Phone booths

Fruity fresh water

Mail and parcel management

Bicycle garage

Community leaders

Office supply

Global Network

A Specific Space

The Notion of Space

All major Western cities have experienced the decline of industry. Not only the decline of major industries, but also the activities of artisans, whose work has been replaced by mass production. Each small company that disappears represents a disused building, and soon urban blight develops. This is how entire areas that were previously used for industry become candidates for urban recycling. However, until the 1960s, it was socially inconceivable and economically difficult to revitalise these abandoned industrial areas. Now that urban habitat is defined in terms of minimum square metres, these large free spaces are available for a second life. They first inspire artists, and then anyone else who values available surface area above any other considerations. They then appeal to the middle class and to companies rediscovering the advantages of being situated in an urban setting after having participated in the flight to suburban areas. Above all else, lofts represent space, where space is costly.

The Notion of Memory

Urban architectural design has emerged from its period of purgatory. Contractors now know that downtown locations require a level of quality that is consistent with the cost of the location. Urban office architecture has broken with the mediocrity that previously characterised it. It offers nearly everything to its occupants: comfort, light, nature, space. It even offers an aesthetic environment for strollers. The only aspect that it does not so easily maintain is the memory of place. Only loft spaces that respect the place’s previous activities are able to restore this memory.

The Notion of Resistance

Up to now, recycling abandoned industrial locations went against trends in urban development. This option was hardly prized by those who sought to leave their mark on a city. Times have changed and it has been shown that rehabilitating a textile mill in Northern France or setting up a lawyer’s office in a brewery is also an example of architectural and urban planning work. Each loft space established helps to revitalise the city. Even if loft spaces are now firmly part of the urban landscape, in their initial incarnation, they were inspired by a hint of resistance.