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When a customer steps through the door at Seed Factory, they are in contact with all the communication, media and graphic arts trades. This 2000m2 space hosts around thirty independent and complementary organizations offering their services to carry out basic, high-end or cutting-edge work, or even tasks yet to be invented…


In the former stables of a renovated seed merchants.

Office shared with other communication trades.

Personalized welcome for your guests in 3 languages.

3 meeting rooms (free to use) for up to 10 people, plus a 6-person meeting room in your own office.

Wireless (wifi) or cable broadband internet access

Various catering options with: salad bar, sandwiches, soups, burgers, desserts, drinks & green boxes for your business dinners.

Customer parking


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UPCOMING EXHIBITIONSThe maison de l'image

Expo Breaking news

13 octobre 2016

The Cartoonist, le Cartoon Press Belgium et la Maison de l’Image s’associent pour cette grande exposition sur le dessin de presse en Belgique, mais aussi en Europe et dans le monde.

Pour les organisateurs, l’expression Breaking News peut s’entendre de trois manières complémentaires : Premièrement, les dessins ou images concernant les informations de dernière minute, ou sur des événements en train de se produire. Deuxièmement, les dessins ou images concernant les événements très importants dans l’histoire. Troisièmement, l’actualité n’étant pas toujours drôle, pourquoi ne pas imaginer des Breaking News imaginaires, insolites, utopiques, voire loufoques?

Vernissage Jeudi 13 octobre


As founder & CEO of Monizze, I can say that Seedfactory is completely part of the success of Monizze: having started 6 months as a one desk – one man company we moves inside Seedfactory along our growth. We now have more than 3,000 clients, 120,000+ users and… more than 15 Monizzers!
Jean Louis Van Houwe

Seed Factory is THE Place to be to grow its business! Dynamism, business oriented/Synergies, happiness, fun, team spirit, organization….
Stephan Maige

Working within Seed factory helps you to develop your network. It can even be the opportunity to make new business.
Isabelle Defrance

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